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Best PLC Training in Chennai

Axis Global Automation designs software applications for Programmable Logic Controllers, Distributed Control Systems, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems. The company focuses on the design of industrial automation, process control, and power distribution.

We are Best PLC Training in Chennai , Certification providing through this training is highly valued in companies across diverse industrial sectors in India and outside India.

Axis Global Automation providing Best PLC Training in Chennai with excellent educational environment and good practical training.

PLC Training

Best PLC Training in Chennai

We give full technical training in automation such as PLC, SCADA, DCS, VFD, MMI/HMI etc. We have separate teams for R & D, Project, Technical, Marketing and Placements. The most important feature of this training is that

Our Infrastructure

Best PLC Training in Chennai

Axis global automation plays a distinct role by providing various automation sectors , AGA Training is one of the leading Industrial automations training division which provide a hands-on practical training with Technical lab.

Industrial Robotics Training

Best PLC Training in Chennai

Realize the benefits of your system and reduce production costs, with professionally-trained employees. ABB Robotics Service offer a range of training options, from standard robot training modules to systems- and...

On Site Practical

Best PLC Training in Chennai

Axis certification is highly valued in companies across diverse industrial sectors in India and outside India. This is reflected in our corporate clientele and the fact that most of our alumni are working with top companies.

As a small business itself, Axis Global Automation knows and understands the issues that companies faces and it knows how to build technology solutions to address those issues. We provide our clients customized approach to manage technology so that they can keep focused on serving their customers. We support both for profit and non profit corporations, including medical, manufacturing, education and arts enterprises. These companies range in size from 5 to 500 employees and some have offices that extend throughout the Pondicherry, Chennai and Tamilnadu.

Axis Global Automation is a trusted partner for customers, providing IT support and project management services. We perform our duties under the strict security and quality standards, and we employ a professional team that is fully prepared to help the government to modernize its infrastructure and to operate more efficiently.

Managed Services

  • HVAC Systems
  • Frequency Drive Systems
  • SCADA Based Systems
  • Replacing Relay system with PLC
  • HMI/MMI Systems

Professional Services

  • custom integrated chip design
  • integrated chip-finishing
  • mixed-signal designs
  • consulting and training services
  • support or maintenance services

We Offered

  • Advanced Control & Automation Training
  • Industrial process Automation training
  • Industrial Robotics training
  • Corporate & in-plant training

Training Highlights

  • Excellent Placements
  • Unlimitted Practical
  • Individual Focus
  • Hands-on practical training
  • Real time projects